Dental Anesthesia

If worry about discomfort keeps you from visiting your dentist in Vienna, VA, you can rest assured that modern dentistry has made some significant advancements in the realm of patient comfort.

One piece of modern technology we use at Vienna Family Dental and Facial Esthetics is the dental laser, which combines light and heat for more comfort and faster healing during dental procedures. We also offer innovative CEREC technology, which reduces the time required to complete a dental crown from three weeks to one visit.

However, the aspect of dentistry that often worries patients the most is dental anesthesia. Will it hurt when I get “the shot”? What if I’m not completely numb and my procedure hurts? These are a few the concerns our dentists hear from patients when it comes to the topic of dental anesthesia in Vienna. We want to address our patient’s concerns and put their minds at ease.

Modern Dentistry and Dental Anesthesia

Modern dentistry has provided your Vienna dentist with several tools that make even getting the dreaded shot pain-free.

There are instruments dentists now use to distract the brain from focusing on the discomfort of getting a shot with the use of vibrations. We can also numb the area around the tooth before delivering dental anesthetic to ensure you don’t feel a thing.

Dr. Rudolph, Dr. Paino, and Dr. Mouchahoir are all very gentle. Besides a soft touch, our team relies on only the best dental anesthetics to ensure that you are completely numb and comfortable before moving forward with any dental procedure.

Do You Need Extra TLC at your Vienna Dentist?

At Vienna Family Dental and Facial Esthetics, we also offer options for dental sedation for patients who find that they need extra assistance feeling comfortable in the dental chair during their procedures.

With three levels of dental sedation available to our patients, there is no reason you won’t feel completely relaxed when you visit our Vienna, VA dental office.

  • Nitrous oxide: This is the mildest form of dental sedation we offer delivered as a breathable gas. Nitrous is administered comfortably through a mask and works quickly to help you feel at ease. As soon as the mask is removed, it leaves your system so you can get back to your day.
  • Oral sedation: We deliver this moderate form of dental sedation with a pill taken one hour prior to your procedure, which provides a deeper level of relaxation.
  • IV sedation: This is the deepest level of dental sedation we offer that is delivered intravenously. Your heart rate and vital signs are monitored while you receive your dental procedures feeling completely relaxed as if you were asleep.

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Your comfort is our top priority at your Vienna, VA dental office, and we encourage you to discuss your concerns or fears with our dentists so we can tailor an experience at our dental practice that is exactly what you need to feel safe and comfortable.