General Anesthesia Assisted Dentistry

Dental anxiety is a universal problem that affects millions of people. Not everyone gets anxious about dental visits, but those who do often find it difficult or impossible to make and keep appointments for routine dental care.

Sedation Dentistry in Vienna, VA

At Vienna Family Dental, we know that dental anxiety makes it difficult to get the oral care you need even if you want to be proactive. We want to make high-quality dentistry accessible to those who deal with dental anxiety. Our Vienna, VA dentists offer a wide range of sedation options to reduce your general stress levels.

Nitrous oxide and oral and IV sedation are excellent solutions for a wide range of patients who need help relaxing during dental appointments. But for those patients who are undergoing extensive procedures or want to “go to sleep” during their appointment, we’re pleased to offer general anesthesia right here at our Vienna dental office.

General Anesthesia Assisted Dentistry

General anesthesia is not right for everyone, but it is helpful if you are undergoing extensive dental work, or you’ve found that other types of sedation aren’t sufficient to conquer your fear. With general anesthesia, you will “go to sleep” for the duration of your procedure.

At Vienna Dental, we have partnered with a group of board-certified anesthesiologists who come to our office to put patients under the necessary level of anesthesia, including IV sedation and general anesthesia.

You will sleep comfortably and safely throughout your appointment and have no memory of the procedure. Since a trained and experienced anesthesiologist monitors general sedation, we can safely and comfortably treat children, patients with special needs, and patients who are medically compromised.

 Benefits of General Anesthesia

There are several benefits to choosing general anesthesia at our Vienna, VA dental office:

  • With general anesthesia, our dentists can complete large, complex cases in less time so you can get out of the dental chair faster
  • General anesthesia provides a way for very anxious patients to complete the necessary dental work that they have been putting off.
  • Since general anesthesia puts you in a deep sleep, you won’t have to deal with any lingering memories of your procedure.

Children aged four and over who have several areas of decay can also benefit because we can complete all their treatment during one appointment. Since many children have trouble sitting still in the dental chair, general anesthesia will keep them comfortable and prevent them from moving around so our dentists can work most efficiently.

We Respect Your Concerns

With general anesthesia available at our Vienna, VA dental office, nervous patients who’ve been putting off dental work can finally get the care they need to keep their smiles healthy.

If you suffer from dental anxiety and have given up hope of ever being able to get the care you need, please call Vienna Family Dental. You can have a healthy smile, and general anesthesia can help you achieve your goals in a comfortable, stress-free manner.