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Dental Anxiety Causes and Solutions

June 18, 2022
Posted By: Vienna Family Dental and Facial Esthetics
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Statistics on dental anxiety, dental fear, and dental phobias demonstrate some interesting insights into our relationships with oral health. First, nearly four in ten Americans experience a degree of dental anxiety, but 12 percent experience extreme dental fear. When it comes to the most significant reactions, dental phobia is the most common, edging out both the fear of spiders and heights. So if you feel anxious when planning your dental care, you are not alone.

At Vienna Family Dental, we specialize in helping our friends and neighbors in Vienna, VA, understand their dental fears. But we don’t stop there. So that you can receive the highest quality dental care, we also offer a host of options like nitrous oxide, oral, and even IV sedation to help your experience be more calm, comfortable, and ultimately successful.

Where Dental Fear and Anxiety Comes From

Many studies have looked into why certain people feel more dental anxiety than others, and while you’ll recognize the usual suspects, you might be surprised by others. You may feel dental anxiety due to:

  • Direct dental trauma – a bad or painful experience, especially in childhood
  • Vicarious dental trauma – good, ole’ horror stories of other people’s direct dental trauma
  • Inherited dental fear – a parent with dental fear may pass it on to their child via nurture and nature
  • Personality traits – some people who are naturally introverted or anxious are likely to experience those traits related to dentistry and many other factors.

You may even experience the effects of more than one of these factors, making it no wonder many people are hesitant or even terrified of their dental care.

We Offer Numerous Dental Anxiety Treatments and Oral Sedation

The Vienna Family Dental team knows that identifying the sources of your dental anxiety is an excellent first step. Our patients will benefit from medical intervention as well. The advantage of dental care with us is we can fit the best anxiety-relieving solution to your unique situation. Among the therapies we offer are:

  • Nitrous oxide or “laughing gas”
  • Oral conscious sedation
  • IV sedation
  • General anesthesia or sleep sedation

These options range from the mild effects of nitrous oxide, which fade quickly, to the oral and IV options, which are more powerful and lasting. We also offer complete anesthesia services where you go to sleep for the duration of treatment. So regardless of your level of anxiety, we have the right solution.

Dental Anxiety Solutions from a Caring Dentist in Vienna, VA

Don’t let your dental fear or anxiety cause your smile to suffer. To learn more about our wide range of dental sedation options, we suggest you schedule an appointment without delay.

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