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How can you help me overcome my dental anxiety?

At Vienna Family Dental, we prioritize helping address your dental anxiety for multiple reasons. First, fear or hesitation towards dental care is common in Vienna, VA. Second, untreated dental anxiety often leads to dental avoidance, which becomes a new cause of dental problems. It’s a vicious cycle where avoiding care results in poor dental health, which may drive further anxiety with painful consequences.

We can help break that cycle and supply you with dental care augmented with multiple sedation options. These treatments can be tailored to your level of anxiety and your need to drive or work immediately after a dental procedure. Our solutions range from mild inhaled sedation from nitrous oxide gas to somewhat stronger options taken orally. For more pronounced cases of dental fear, we also offer IV sedation and even use general anesthesia so that you may sleep through your entire procedure.

Other Tips for Confronting Dental Fear and Anxiety

Whether it’s you or a family member who feels stress around dental visits, our dental team has found several ways you can lessen your fear reaction around dentistry. Here are a few tips to help:

  • Try relaxation practices when anxiety rises, like mindful breathing techniques and visualizations
  • Distract yourself with music you like; we offer noise-canceling headphones to block out stressful stimuli
  • Stay positive, avoid negative language around treatment and reward yourself for following through
  • Find the right dentist – one who communicates well, understands your feelings, and is committed to building a trusting relationship through effective treatments and comfortable care, a dentist like Vienna Family Dental.

To learn more about our dental anxiety solutions, you are always welcome to call our dental office.

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